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envious of Arnold?
Jerry springer has announced
that he's running for the senate.

july 17

drew this
happy camper for sonia. For some reason it gets her smiling every time she sees it...

boris gives a guy some
constructive suggestions
to get the duudles working
and sonia happy.
Thanx, B.

july 12

Instant doodle
also known as
sent me a nice
lil' banner for the
fellow duudlians

july 9

I don't believe it
I just received a spam-mail
trying to sell me a new (?)
septic tank...or wait..is that

july 7

I had a dream last night
about a half bald guy called Berlusconi...I dreamt he was completely insane and somehow an entire country failed to see it and elected him president and let him buy most of their media, made laws that excluded him for just those - the laws, bribed people, acted thoroughly rascist and then went on to make a fool of himself in Europe - and I never woke up...

july 5

makes you do interesting
things - for instance catching
yourself rocking back and
forth...when there's no baby

july 4

WoKe Up
around 3 am last night
to the sounds of sirens.
9 patrolcars raced up and down our street with lights, dogs, the sound of burned rubber and what have you.
And it's normal...it's also normal that whoever they're chasing nine out of ten times hide out in our backyard. So Jules and walked to our balcony overlooking the yard and yup, just as we looked down a happy policedog dragged a young man out from a shed. Five policemen just as keen as the dog threw themselves allover him, handcuffed him and walked him to the still increasing parade of policecars parked outside our building. And we went back to sleep.

1st of july

Is it JUst mE?
or are those two
cherries having it off whith
that little green fella?

june 29

The nIGHTmARE ContiNueS
only weeks after we saw the naked
dwarf sunbathe (see 19th of may),
Sonia and I ran into yet another
bizarre sight.
A pink, extremely fat man sunbathed
at our local cemetary in...
a g-string...Jeeez, what a sight...
Also he smiled in his sleep - which made
it all the more evil...

june 27

june 26

Made hit 13
for me and Max's
digipong - click to see ->

...and see the entire project
at pigsell - projects - illustration-
digital pingpong

june 25

US Train stamps
a few very nice
looking items

The avalanches
different styled site
- and I like their musika

june 22

audio fun

june 21

New duudle in
duudlians duudles...
zusammen sent
an elephant

june 19

chinese calligraphy
june 19

is very
interesting - great

june 17

is she a duck?
sonia says

june 17

june 16

Eggs, sausage, spam,
spam, spam, spam,
spam and spam

just had a quick look at
my inbox's spam. Today I got;

- an offer to marry a busty
russian bride

- a secret letter from
Dr Ibrahim George Quattara who
wants my help to transfer
USD$25,500,000.00 to my
account from the bank in
Abidjan,Cote d Ivoire - he's
really stuck with the cash
and only needs my visacard-
number plus my accounts.

- an aphrodisiac that makes my
penis larger, my lungs healthier;
my blod flow and 'serioslsly'
increases my chances of meeting
beautiful women

- 8 different weightloss cures

- an offer to clean my feet with
special mountain seasoap

- three offers to handle my loans

a penis-enlargement mail [the
eighth this week and counting]

june 15

what is it
with those Polacs.

june 14

with lots of
ginger in it
makes me

june 13

it's just a picture
but a door can be

june 12

hoho - we
figured it out -
she is a


june 10

banner from
marcela & daniel
aka lefthandside...
truly duudlers

june 8

New frontdoor
at zilo
[the mothership]

by jules

June 06

oh mama,
cuban posters!!!!!!!!!!!
go -->

june 5

is a nice site
with nice things

june 4

june 3rd

hello strange man
miss duudle, Jules
and I pushed the wagon
around Nørrebro
and saw a very fascinating
man - it seemed he only
allowed himself to cross
the street after having tabbed
with his fingers repeatedly at the
lamppost, car or whatever he
was standing next to at the time.
We watched him enter
a phonebooth where he spinned
180 degrees around himself,
said something and then dis-
appeared down the street...

may 23th

makes me happy...
have you been there

may 22

hid a lil'
duudle of miss
duudle in his
diary the 21th...
yeaaay - cute...

may 22

a lil' dudl'


put some nice duudles
in his sketchbooky

still the 21th

lego and mac
my two favorite playthings

21 05 03

admired the view

miss duudle, Jules
and I took a stroll at the
local cemetary and saw
a naked dwarf sunbathing
between some trees. I
guess our daughter has
to see the real world
sooner or later...

19th may


the one with just
a little more oooomff
snapped this - hehe

17th may

my mate AL
made this***
thanx matey...

15th of may

Boris did this

8th of may


click me -->

mexer sent me this heart-
warming duudle in honour
of our newborn - thanx galore
- it's amazing and close to
the mark...hehe

home is sweet
our little beauty, Julie
and I got back from the
hospital yesterday - our litl'
girl slept through the whole
trip and didn't open her eyes
until a ray of sunlight found
her in her new home...
one step from being
religious...she is
a miracle

6th of may

New grand
duudle in
duudlians duudles
by jeremiah - see
for yourself


found this lonely
little duudle on the
street and delivered
it at my doorstep -
poor little fella'

may 1st

Posture Patrol
is a great little place -
see it's pretty mag
for instance - goodie

april 30 - but...that's

Ralph McQuarrie
knows a thing or

april 29

Raymond Carver...
two interviews...
a treat for some - I'm one
of them

april 28

did I link it?
no matter - it's still
bloody great

april 27

Al at onehugeeye has
invited me to put links
and goodies on his home.
Today is my debut...

april 26


april 25

Stephen Fry
read his books,
see his films, tv -

april 24

Found myself
smiling at ckoe this
handsome morning...
also nice stickers

april 22

a friend
of mine, David, is a
woodcarver. I made
a little site with his great
stuff - go there

april 21

spring means soccer
my team, Den Brede Degn
(The Huge Friar) played a
0-0 equalizer - our team
and home is Danish and
looks thus

(a duudleproduction)

april 20

eating of eggs - people
coming back from the dead.
But not the thousands of
dead Iraqi civilians...

april 19

I really need some sleep -
and the sun is here in DK -
and Im not letting go of it...

april 16


is awful!

april 15

Where we live

a very drunk couple woke
us up last night screaming
angrily at eachother down
on the street.
Apparently the debat was
about whether or not
they should keep drinking
or go back to her house.
His final and winning
argument was; 'You crazy
woman, why won't you just
get crazy drunk with me...'
that sort of settled it...they
went their separate ways and
we went back to sleep...

april 11


april 10


boris sent me this nice
little link

april 9

back from a nice little
trip to London...

Rytz looked after the
duudle while I was
gone and it's alive and
looking wellfed and
happy - thanx
, mike...

- Lando was kind enough
to post a little text of
mine about that delusive
artist of artists, Laszlo
go there, then 'bio' and
then 'about Laszlo' -
click the little fella'
looking thus ->

april 8

This vessel got a new
host for a few days

april 3

Julie just woke from a dream -
'I dreamt someone tought
me selfdefense while I was
waiting for the baby...'

april 2

no. DK really is at war -
but if someone were to set
off a bomb in central
Copenhagen, I'm sure it'd
be named terror...

april 1

danish media
have indeed decided to jump
on the warbandwagon - last
night's 'reports' were about
proud, young danish men and
women going to war, the folks
back home, the old fort with
the soldiers on horseback,
the old major etc etc...

31 mar

I listen with sadness
when the media talk about
their surprise over the
Iraqies resistance towards
the US troops - what the
hell did they expect...such
arrogance...don't get me
wrong, I'm not in any way
pro-Saddam, nor pro-Bush for
that matter - but expecting
confetti and cheering Iraqies
tells us a lot about the Western
media's view of the world -
certainly US propaganda seems
to be working perfectly - every
tv-station is eating it raw...

30 mar

my good friend Michael's
wife, Gung gave birth to a four
kg girl

29 mar

A favourite radioman
of mine said this morning on
the radio: 'what is the sound
of reflection...'
then a long radiosilence...

28 mar

The war is a fact
One week's war so far -
let's FOCUS on the rebuilding of
Iraq, the aid, food, infrastructure -
use your voice to tell your
politicians that it's their and
our responsibility to help -
and do it NOW...

Pray the fighting will be over
soon - although it really doesn't
seem like it'll happen quick...

27 mar

dk at war
some professor said this morning
on the radio that demonstrating
for Saddam was punishable with
up to six years of prison according
to Danish law.
Interesting to see if our Prime-
minister really meant what he
said about the protesters being
pro-Saddam...will he lock up
the entire peacemovement?

26 mar

db moral
interesting and pathetic
listening to rumsfeld talking
about the Geneva convention -
bearing in mind a little camp
he and his pals build in Cuba...

25 mar

Life and death
my good friend, mike and his wife
gung are in labour - could be
giving birth to a child any minute
now. It's a miracle - meanwhile
rockets are flying in Iraq...
Sounds like a cliche?

24 mar

Sadly DK is part of the coalition
In stupid little Denmark, much
fuss over two activists pouring
paint at our Primeminister the
same day he and his government
ok'ed sending Danish troops to
Iraq. Distortion of proportion.
The paintjob, however childish and
stupid it was, was named an act
of violence where as sending
300.000 soldiers and thousands
of planes, tanks and helicopters
armed to the teeth to Iraq is named
a peacemission...

23 mar

So bizarre, watching Bush
at his photosession talking
to reporters about the importance
of learning to read - oh yes, his
attention is clearly pointed to
schools these days. He doesn't
wanna make daddy's mistake -
winning the war loosing his
country - it's pathetic and sad

22 mar

God, it's so depressing -
Let it be over soon.
Please spare the civilians.

21 mar

Sigh -
it's begun

20 mar