Our government in Denmark just enforced a new law giving refugees less than social wellfare rate - the argument is; this will motivate people into seeking a job. The scary and bizarre thing is that we have an unemployment rate of 300.000 out of a population of nearly 6 million. In other words there are no jobs.

So what's the big idea then? A politician from the governments supporting rightwing party accidently said it on the radio the other day; this will make the refugees seek asylum somewhere else. In other words - the goal is not to motivate, but to scare people off - to hit people on the head till they do as they are told. But in this case it's not possible. They cannot do as they are told since there are no jobs - so the idea is simply to hit.

And It hit me that the exact same thing is going on globally so many places. Sharon in Israel just won the election saying - in order for us to bring peace, we need to eradicate the Palestinian oppostion completely. He's not interested in building anything - not until everything has been torn down. But he knows the Palestinians will never give up - so, he can maintain 'hitting' them on the head. It seems to me that Bush and company are acting out the same scenario. They are not interested in any constructive dialogue, any exchange of ideas - in fact they seem to be saying this moment; we'll grant you that the UN weaponinspectors can mess around in Iraq for a while - but no matter what they find we're still gonna hit Iraq. Again, the goal is the combat in itself - not a solution.

Something is spreading in public affairs - politics has become too much trouble; it requires too much time, energy and patience. No, raw power is the thing. It's us against them...and we are right!

It's so sad.

Give these guys some pillows and let them fight it out (W. Churchill) - or even better, give them a brush, some tubes and a canvas...art, culture - is the universal language - let' s speak it

sune, a Dane wondering...
what the hell is going on