Our local bikeshop are not only a fantastic place to visit because of its two owners, the mute and the smiling warveterans from Palestine -
they also have an amazing canopy. I mean look at the artwork;
such stencil work is a rare treat. You can see the previes Goldshop through the paint. The numbers are beautiful. The screaming green and blue
light up the facade and the bike is a must for the shortlegged...
Anyway those two guys running the shop are amazing. The mute guy can give you a look that says; what the helll are you doing in here, you
soon to be dead bastard?! While the other guy who does all the talking are so extraordinary nice and smiling to you that you feel you're in
a filmnoir with a good cop bad cop doing their routine on you.
I once picked up my bike and found myself alone with the mute. It was a delicate situation and I smiled way too much and fumbled with my money. He stared
angrily at me and almost threw my fixed bike at me. I ran out the shop, glad to be alive. I never visit now without the smiling Palestinian being there...

Oct 13

Close window!!!