This I found at the entrance to our local pharmacist.
At the left it says: 'Dansk Show', which means Danish Show - lovely nonspecific title...
Right side of the card is a challenge - I can't make out the topname - maybe it's Lotte Freddie- a danish fashion editor
- this maybe would explain the 'Dansk Show' on the other side - but then again maybe it says Lotte Frolde, or maybe even
Lotte Trolde [Trolde= trolls in Danish]...
And then there's that fascinating bit;

'4okt - + 5dg

Something about five days [5dg] in Kosovo for five grand...and then the name Mikkel...

It's a fascinating card - can't really make the two sides of the card work together and then again a weird picture of some struggeling artist emerges...

[mouseover on card to see front]
oct 2 - 2003

close window right here, chief