9th of november, 2003

picked this up from the floor in my local supermarket.
The writing is miraculously oldschool and odd.

next to the date it says = "SKINDER" have no idea why. Maybe
its 'skinner' spelled poorly - skinner means shining in Danish.

Next line says THE Right "NILFISK".[Right being spelled wrong] 
Already Im a fan of this persons use of quotationmarks.

3rd line; Vacuumcleaner = M =
[ why the equals sign? and what does the M stand for? Could be
short for Med which means with in Danish]

4th line; "ReAL = TUBE = PIPE."
Again the use of equals sign and quotationmarks
This guy really wants to convey the image of one hell of a
vacuum cleaner

5th line; 100 % = OK = TLF 25753646
[TLF is short for telephone number]

Last line just says; S. Nu
The S maybe stands for Svar - which means answer in Danish
and Nu means Now
My guess is that S. Nu. stands for answer now.
A wonderful finish of a wonderful note.