and behold; 18 fell from the sky...and there was much singing and praying and eating of small things - duudle it's fucking cold!!!!!!!!! (& so my brain is freezed) 19 is here...traces de freins ***20*** the Bonus edition - free nonsense included - duudle 21 in the winter....."do you feel it?" traces de freins doc duudle will beat you senceless - step 22 - duudle doctor'z fever!!! - step 23 - traces de freins oh my, what a party - step 24 - duudle to begin a new week ! here is the dirty 25... traces de freins 26 is with spirits...duudle step 27...slap it! - traces de freins insanity is allover...28 is up - duudle
missed the old wall?