got this new year's mail from farid;

we meet two very old friends, a couple,
we see them twice a year now,
to newyears eve dinner (my 2 evilboys were sleeping
at the couch),
they prepared the meal,
they surprised us with their last hindu sauce
(they pretend someday to cook better than we hm hm)
we drunk a lots of firewater
they can effectively get better vine than we
we talked about education, nutrition and health
alternative theories,
we heavy blasphemed about dear old friends who spent
this days in cuba,
we recomended each other nice movies and cds,
we gave them as a present a srilanka handmade verysweet
they gave us as a present an india handmade verysweet
at 24 hour we were drunk but calm
we wished cool each other the best
she served the mango chapatipapayalassi dessert
but,siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh wheres the titanic feeling gone??
where are the tears? the passion, the hate, the beauty, the shots
the sinking ship?
at 24:15 minutes were my two boys awake
and i had my film again