jan 14

mmm, a fine looking banner
moved in with the rest of the
fantastic duudlers -
welcome mayuppe

jan 13

Boris, the Frenchman sent
an insane doodle
jan 13

hehe, olaf's film is great
jan 13

doodle 2's at the
jan 13

time to link the half Dane again
· Henrik Drescher ·
jan 12

FANTASTIC envelope from
Al in my mail - the postman
looked very envious - see
P O S T***
[ + two new shipped duudles
to marce and mayuppe]
jan 10

have you checked supay
lately? The atmosphere is
quite refreshing.
jan 9

tomer hanuka
is up there
among the giants

what a feast it is to open the
duudlemailbox; links, art, stories
and duudles pouring in from
fantastic people.

-see this piece of brilliance
for instance from Marco.

-and this extract from a mail
from ange:
'...For half an hour he went a drilling
and a digging in my mouth like some oil
crazed texan and cleaned out whole of the abscess lock-stock & barrel...'

-boogie's pictures of addicts in
N.Y. which sent shivers allover

-daniel updates eskils.com


jan 7

jan 6

jan 6

jan 5

saq's about japan -
strangely fascinating
jan 4

W. Warren Craghead III

jan 3rd

of all the stupid
jan 2nd

vic iv
jan 1st

look after your fingers
and have a great new years
eve and a miraculous 2004
31 dec

very clever...
Ange sent me this tool to
make me sleep better
under a bio chemical
terrorist attack...
30 dec

30 dec

gary taxali ->

28 dec

jojo in the stars looks
mindblowingly fantastic...
27 dec

messing about with your own
site at the internet archive
wayback machine
is strangely
23 dec

the dreamer
23 dec

womanman by linda
22 dec

im all confused...I get the
weirdest kind of dejavus
when I see this
20 dec

19 dec

the letterproject is
quite clever and very much
19 dec

what a day - three times

I urge you to click below
to see some juizy post
from nadine and olaf.

last night duudle by Laszlo -
thanx mr Kovacs!!!

Happy Consumer Day found
somewhere and neatly sent
to duudle by ange -

crispy interview with jon
at enooze
17 dec

nice site
17 dec

it's all left and brilliant - marce
kicks off a newly and fresh-
designed lefthandside
16 dec


16 dec

matt sewell
15 dec

I sent a new hit to mexer -
19 is up
The whole thing can be seen
14 dec

samuel indratma
12 dec

* * * * * *
4 lovely pieces of post
by jon, linda, dan & badges
10 dec
* * * * * *

rytz sent me this nice link
10 dec

farid sent me this grand link
10 dec

spanky's got some fine toys
10 dec

redesigns his

10 dec

Im getting one

9 dec

the wurst
7 dec

5 dec

olaf and the pain
see duudlians duudles
4 dec

duudle on wooster
3 dec

benjy is a fellow duudlian -
candybanner from him

3 december

go to mexer's glorious site - pigsell.
and choose dec. 2nd
3 december

3 dec

alex polished, vacuumcleand, painted,
moved the furniture around and threw
the old plants out - onehugeye in a
new dishy edition.
december 1st

michael a de feo's
site is a little treasure box
of goodie -this is his chick

28 nov

deth p. sun
27 nov

brilliant little banner from Rasmus
aka semiotaku -
[btw - you can
find me and Ras' Depressionman
project there - just go to old

oh, and say hello to
the rest of the duudlians - they're
all terribly nice

25 nov

exxelento little streetartsite
24 nov

great duudle arrived from
Nadine - frau Johan with the
hairy teeth

22 nov

plastickid and I just started
messing about with a book of..
well old bits of paper and stuff.
This is a sneaky preview of our
terrible mess

22 nov

this is indeed a surprising
site - spend a while there
21 nov

my very good friend
sent me a duudle for duudle

20 nov

ahhh - what a day - three
glorious mails popped in
with artwork by three
glorious people;

1. wendy sent these nice
cats for duudlians duudles

2. mexer's hit 18 made me
yell out loud in excitement
more stuff in digipong

3. benjy volleyed back on our
freshly grinded visual hello
to be found in digipong

19 nov


ok world...
18 nov

Olaf wrote;
look! -there´s a krokofant
party going on in düsseldorf!!!
17 nov

no links for the weekend
caus' its...weekend

14 nov

fantastic metroduudles
in Found duudles
14 nov

tim biskup
12 nov

lovely design
11 nov

yet a found duudle
see it -->
10 nov

wish I was in NY
* Gary baseman's
miraculous work
can be seen in

all it's glory

10 nov

9 nov

new found duudle
see it -->
8 nov

duudle to max
who just moved
to Düsseldorf

8 nov

chris yormick
7 nov

assorted popsicle
is a box of goodies.
this little thing
for instance
6 nov

grid thing
6 nov

6 nov

brilliant stickers
and stencils by
5 nov

Ive linked
fly guy before
and it's still
a very pleasent
experience indeed
5 nov

stale donut
4 nov

plastickid launches
yet a rodeo27issue -
and, hello, there's
even a duudle there.
issue 5 is up
3 nov

3 nov

2 nov

pencil carving...
nov 1st

vote Buhl
at threadless
31 oct

no link
but a sea of tape

30 oct

Bombing science
the indexfile alone is a marvel
to behold
29 oct

in lack of any useful links
here's an instruction on
how to shave a cat's nose
28 oct

2 nice urbanistic entrepeneurs
flying fortress
wk interact
27 oct

I honestly can't believe that mankind survived
up until now without this instrument of genious
the popcorn fork

26 oct

I looked at dantat's sketches all morning. You should too.
25 oct

hahaha - this is fun
24 oct

these guys have a serious crush on duct tape
24 oct

: a fellow duudler emerges - supay.de is a little treasure chest - see for instance the delicate animations under work -> zoo.
23 oct

· stained glass is a beauty to behold
22 oct

this site got me out of my chair.
Russian prison tattoos

21 oct

· at last!!!
the bicycle that moves sideways!!!
oct 19

scrambled milk
- fantastic lines...

oct 19

: yuko is a true duudler [whatever that is]
oct 18

: fantastic cigarette ads from way back
oct 17

Buhl writes;
is he satan?
oct 17

· insane bikes - thanx for the link; boris
oct 15

· fastbug
oct 15


stuff from way back when the maidens were fair and gingerbiscuits hung on trees -> go-