extract from today's spam:
'Well now you can as a new
scientific breakthrough has
allowed a team of
have developed a penis
enlargement pills which gives
an increase of over 3 inches
over a 4 month period!!!!!!!'

14 doctors?
jan 14

sonia's 2nd tooth said
hello yesterday - food
jan 13

jeff soto will,
as usual make you
hide under a large
jan 12

heat is gone again, so
sonia and I was on a
candlelight mission this
Now the gasoven is on,
and twentysomething
candles are fighting the
jan 10

saw two punks
in black
outfits taking pictures
of eachother with their
very very expensive
cellphones - on their
back the classic state-
kill the state
destroy money
money is evil...
How they got the
phone without the
money I don't know...

jan 9

'Oh my god !!!
I firmly believe that !!!
oh my god !!! your name isn´t Dr
Duddle Strange !!
This is the end of the world !!!
as I know.
For god sake !!!
this world is crazy !!!'

Lazlo's comment in a mail
where I told him about my
problems in getting the universe
to accept the truth in my name,
Doc Duudle.

jan 8

Madreal wrote:
sune and the duudlers...
hello and happy new year...
best wishes for the 04
... derrick
jan 8

the 42 different wires
from mine and jules' mac
presents us with a little
problem - sonia's started
crawling in all directions...
jan 6

a razorsharp little
tooth is starting
to emerge -

very happy about
it and munches happily
away at everything
jan 5h

my lil brother, uffe
turned 29 today.
May beautiful
people and tons
of chocolate drown
you all day.
congrats, you
crazy man!!!!
jan 4th

big things
in australia
jan 4th

laszlo sent me this
little fella

it might be a selfportrait -
not sure - ask laszlo
jan 3rd

this saturday
feels like a monday
jan 3rd

apart from a few
zigzaggy guys, a
woman sleeping
on a bench and taxis
with drunk people in
them, sonia and I were
the only one on our street
this morning.
leftovers from fireworks,
tilted shoppingcarts,
bottles, confetti, hats
and piles of discarted
junkfood were allover
the street.
january 1st, 2004

in a mo.

Just another day with
fireworks in our block.
The kids in the yards
never stop firing -
all year long.
30 dec

did this
messy duudle for
Open Magasine
28 dec

It's not possible to stuff
even an ounce more into
our xmas-infected
We're lying on the floor,
playing with some of sonia's
new toys, trying to regain
our breath from a massive
xmas-tour de force into the
xtreme side of Danish cooking.
27 dec

duudles from some of
my fellow duudlians

23 dec

julie, sonia and I
live on top of a small
kiosk owned by a very
cool Pakistani guy -
I'm crazy about the way
he say's:
yu arrr veddie uuwelcom'
[you are very welcome
, sir]
22 dec

the main street where I live,
Nørrebrogade is about two
kilometers long. I took a walk
today and out of sheer boredom
counted 24 kebabjoints. That
means with some quick adding
that there should be a shawarma-
place every 80 meters.
I may have to reconsider my
shawarmacrawl on Nørrebro-
19 dec

I actually felt sick...
I walked into a mall - an ugly,
foul, discusting mall - is there
another kind? The music they
played there made my stomach
turn violently:
xmassy, bad crooning, panflutes
meets childrens choir and a
semiwarm noballed singer -
silent night in a ultra slow and
painfully loud manner...
I ran as fast as I could...
18 dec

xmas card from piero
go ->

sockmonkey and a midifile
16 dec

15 dec

wild weekend
regarding who I ran
First of all I ran into
the chipsman again
[see sept 22, aug. 14th
and july 25th].
His beard was shaven
and he had a new set of
white pants on and of
course two bags of chips.
Then a drunk guy standing
in the crossroads directed
the traffic with his legs
which he kicked and
pointed with in all dir-
Another guy yelled to me
from acroos the street and
started signaling with some
wild faces that I was mad.
In my local postoffice a
guy crawled around on the
floor picking up trash
whilst smoking a joint.
A onelegged man picked
up chestnuts with his
A homeless guy dropped
a gigantic fire extinguisher
from his wagon - why
did he carry that around
with him?
Two drunk men stood
sleeping leaning on to
eachother - very car-
And on and on it went...

I suspect a convention
of some sort

14 dec

laszlo updates
his already nice
treasure box
13 dec

12 dec

had enormous fun
listening to two young
writers trying to impress
eachother with how hard
their life actually was, living
in attics, seldom eating,
only drinking cheap redwine
and smoking cigarettes.
They were so lost in their
romantic dream of the
misunderstood genious that
one almost forgot that they
were in fact at that moment
eating a huge lunch, drinking
champagne[!], dressed in
versace, gucci blablablah,
talking in their expensive
cellphones, writing in their
leather timemanagers and
showing off their ibooks.
I couldn't stop an explosive
laugh when they said:
- yeah, we should definately
go the EastBerlin and help
them build up society. Fight
the west. I might do it, you
-Yeah, me too. I'll give it
all up to be a real Berliner.
- I'm not just saying it...
- yeah, no, we should do it.
11 dec

took a walk
at the local
Saw a tombstone
with the inscription:
Født From
Død Grum

[born Meek
dead Mean]
10 dec

it was the duudles
that cured me.
I admit it, Im a
Why? This duudle
from Boris and this
duudle from Rytz is why.
I mean, a grey boring
me suddenly turned into
a duudlefestival of sheer
happyness and joy joy.
Done by a simple click in my
The doodles are nice.
Let's be nice to them.

Click Boris'

and Rytz'

9 december

been sick for
almost a week
now. Why is it
not possible to
do nice stuff while
you're sick? You al-
ways end up seing
crappy tv and stuffing
wrong stuff in your
dec 7th

brilliant noise
by Linda
dec 4th

sonia and I
met a socialworker
today who lived in his car
dec 3rd

something new...
try clicking above on
december 1st


december 1st

nothing like new pens:
Julie bought me some nice
coloured ones - I have
no realistic idea of what
color they are since I am
indeed colorblind but hey,
they look marvelous.
28 nov

An old blind guy
stood in the middle
of a junction yelling: 'Im
too blind for this'! Sonia
in the babycarrier and I
on foot ran to the rescue
and escorted him to the
pavement. He was very
grateful, very blind, very
old and very drunk
28 nov

a splash
in found duudles
27 nov

sent me some
xmas cookies.
25 nov

saw in Indian
videostore that
worked as a marriage-
bureau at the same time.
24 nov

saw a fantastic
couple on the street.
Both in the area of 150
kg's battleweight.
The man white, the woman
black. Woman with long
curly hair and wearing
a white cottoncoat.
The man completely
bald and wearing a
black leather cottoncoat.
Looked like a badass
pair of assasins from
a late blaxploitation

22 nov

took a long walk
with sonia and
started noticing
something that hadn't
been there before.
In front of 6 out 7
supermarkets we
passed there was a
guy with a harmonica -
and he couldn't play but
did it.
It seemed organised
somehow. I imagine
a harmonica mafia
of some sort.
every evening they
hand over their
earnings to a a mean
character in a dirty
backyard Im sure,
they sleep in the same
bed all 6 of them, live
on rabbits they grow
and slaughter themselves
and all fear the master
terribly. Or something...
21 nov

saw a netcafe
today whose only
food to offer their
emailing and surfing
customers was a giant
pile of sour cucumbers
in jars. I actually
checked it out and it
really was all they had.
Wonderful concept;
gherkins and email
20 nov

a cool cat from
copenhagen got
his site started.
Zusammen is
19 nov

sonia's discovered
the power of crawling...
18 nov

an angry old man
with an enormous white
beard and not a single
tooth in his mouth made
an entire bus know of
his view on ladies.
The bus was filled to the
maximum except for the
seat next to him.
'Don't come near me!
This seat is for the real
ladies! And are you a
real lady? I don't think
Also I should mention
that he had his wallet
lying on the empty seat -
wallet attached to a
giant goldchain. At one
point he raised the
wallet in a threatening
manner to a young boy
who wanted to sit down.
14 nov

13 nov

found this
cafesign and put it
in found duudles
12 nov

found an
interesting note
and gave it a home
in found duudles
11 nov

10 nov

went nuts in candy
yestereve - feel
like a giant lollypop
8 nov

sonia and I are sitting
here in the morningdarkness -
hours till sun up...
morningradio, coffee and a
happy girl throwing toys
it's 5:45.
7 nov


a miracle
of a b-actor
Bruce Campbell
6 nov


5 nov

very stoned guy
talked to me in the
bus last night. He
grabbed me by the
collar and said:
'are you a soldier?'
- No, I said
- Good, what are
you then?
I replied that I did
erm, well doodles.
- A designer?!
You are all unem-
ployed. I KNOW!
- he yelled.
And then he lowered
his voice and said:
- you should come
work in my homeless
center. They got great
soup and a jukebox.
They could use some-
one like you.
I asked him if he
worked there too.
- no, Im too lazy,
too homeless and
always too stoned!
4 nov

a fino banner from
my dads strip club.
A fellow duudlian
is born

3 nov

is a brilliant street
art site - feast your eyes.
3 nov

2 nov

took a trip to a
bunch of used book-
sellers yesterday.
they were all drunk -
all 7 of them...
1 nov

sent me a
animated walking
31 0ct

weird stuff
for sale at my local
30 oct

A busdriver
said to me and a bunch
other people as we
entered the bus this
morning :
'Ah, there you are- So
happy you could make it.
Make your self at home.
29 oct

Got this amazing mail
this morning

28 oct

in tight

27 oct

26 oct

saw the most amazingly
drunk guy at a metrostation
last night. He had a red jacket
on that said Copenhagen
Ligthing Company. He
rotated around himself
from drinking but suddenly
stopped and froze like a
breakdancer - he'd spotted
three young chicks across
the platform. I really admired
his confidence. Like
a crooner spotting someone
he knew among the audience
he went down in his knees and
pointed in an Elvislike manner
at the three girls, head tilted,
one arm forward, the other
pointing backwards and
uttered a deep growl that
made the girls crack up and
the drunk sure of his own
succes take a deep bow
with a smirky smile:
oct 25

letters on butterflies
oct 24

oct 23

the handmade soap life
of rakudako
oct 22

A guy dancing
with himself in central
Cph yesterday. Wild rhytm
it seemed - but no music.

oct 19

Heyho, sonia

oct 18

oct 17

the set of Strings
yesterday. I did the character-
design last xmas
of the puppets with
David L - I hadn't seen the
until yesterday -
they knocked me down
oct 17

chestnut workout

oct 15

A woman
screamed at the world and us
when she saw us:
' ARRGH, they are poets!!!
they make up such lies...
The red bastards!
Let them LIE!!!'
oct 13


oct 12

horst jannsen
has a great museum
oct 11

Don't know why
I find this fascinating
but I do.

oct 11

saw this beauty in Berlin
oct 10

A mad man
on the bus on my way home
screamed angrily in English
at whoever he could. He held
up a book and claimed that
it commanded him to do stuff
mainly to attack those who
threatened his son - whose
picture he also held up in the
air. The nearest guy standing
by got the mainattention.
After some commotion he
screamed at the top of his lungs:

oct 10

Denmark went nuts
- our crownprince's got
himself engaged to the
Tasmanian Mary. And so
they announced it officially
at a castle, live tv on all
Danish channels most of the
day; expertpanels,
livebands, cameracrew in
Tasmania and so on and
so on. I watched in disbelief.
I couldn't take it anymore when
one of the expertpanels started
a debate about just what
exactly is that herb we can
see at the royal table:'Yes, I
definately think that's mint.'
-'No, I'd say it was rosemary'.
-'Yes, but mint is his Royal
Higness' favorite herb...'
No wonder they had enough
'material' to cover the story
ALL day...

oct 9

is going on in california?
Have they lost it completely?
Arnold's campaignsite;
'I will work honestly,
without fear or favor, to do
what is right for all
Can't you just hear him
utter it? with his bizarre
accent...man oh man...
And he won. Ofcourse
he won...

oct 8

oct 7

asked me to make some
more drawings to accompany
the silly words in this frame.
So here's one. The picture
in our windowframe is by

oct 7

Saw a man running
in bikershorts while
eating spaghetti today..
oct 6

I played around here
for quite some time - dunno
why I found so fascinating..
you try it...
oct 5

sonia and I
collected chestnuts
oct 4

404 not found
the story of Mrs L
oct 3

this little duudle
is 5 months old today
try mousing over her...

oct 1st

jehova's witnesses
came buzzing at our doorbell
at streetlevel today -
wanting to 'save our modern
marriage from corruption and
evil'...let's just say they never
entered the house...

oct 1st

wow - two presents in
the duudle inbox this
morning -
from rytz - go->
from olaf - go->
from me..- go ->

two new great duudles in
duudlians' duudles - see..

september 27

september 26

in most of Denmark last night...
candles out...

september 23

a new superhero
at our local cemetary has
taken up the battle for
eccentricity against the chipsman.
- Enter Jazzypants. This guy,
who's got just about the
funkiest walk I have ever seen
- it's like his hip explodes
every time he takes a step
forward - this guy walks
in mysterious ways -
it's clearly a route - always
the same paths - circular
- moving inwards and then out
again -weird... and always
eating just like the Chipsman:
Jazzypants eats however
a peach...

september 22

last night was a holy night
Danish National Television
celebrated Johnny Cash
with an old exquisite show
taped in Copenhagen, 1971.
See some nice shots of
the event and listen to a
tune... go!!!! -->

september 20

pj chmiel's collection of
signs is great
september 19

frank frazetta
september 18

if this works
on your computer
check it out -
scary somehow and
wildly fascinating...

september 17

texas roadside icons
september 16

jim's big things
I mean the concept of this site...
and look at Jim - quite a character

september 15

sat on the train the other day.
Behind me two elderly ladies
talking loud about the daily
life at their home for the
elderlies - and talking a lot about
it. So I started writing down
what they were saying:
- 'Yes but why can't it be like
- Yes, after breakfast with cake
and the bread have a little
piece of Danish pastry to the
coffee a few hours later...'
-Yes, and after lunch, coffee
with something sweet..'
- Yes and more dessert to the
- AND coffee with cakes at nine
- yes that's life...
-yes THAT IS life - yes...'
- yes, why can't there be more
things like that?

and then across of me a group of
15 year old boys discussing the
taste of Coke and how much they
like it.
The two elderly ladies went very
quiet and then said to eachother:

- 'all that sugar, the young just eat
too much sugar these days'
-'yes, why can't they be more like
- 'and they're all ecstatic about it

september 13

no link - just duudles to click ··>

this is a day of extreme sorrow. Our sisterland, Sweden who was hit by a violent and horrible crime yesterday lost their foreignsecretary, Anna Lindh. She died from her wounds this morning. She was attacked yesterday while shopping without bodyguards...

september 11

look who made it to scary monsters'
scary baby gallery
see if you can spot her...

september 10

sonia couldnt sleep
so we took an eveningstroll
the two of us. You now how
you somehow always end up
walking along the same routes...
this night we decided to go
down all the roads we'd normally
instinctly reject. We saw;

- a guy standing in the middle
of the road yelling several times
to himself:
'did the bus leave!!???'
[not a busstop in sight]

- a guy called Arne Hültebro
rented out exotic videos and
'love sheets' [a rented sheet?]

- the dish shawarma spelled in
at least nine different ways;
shawerma, shwarma, shewerma,
shavarme, chawarma...

- Harry's Place - a sausageseller,
the best in town - you can tell
because it's where the cabdrivers
hangout and get their evening meal.

- an orangepainted shop where old people played on horses whose
names displayed on huge flickering screens made me giggle- for instance
Corny Devil, Force Futura and 22Rat - brilliant...

- a woman so huge we had to walk
out on the street which made
her go 'Grrrrr!'

- people washing their clothes at
a laundrette that also served as
a grill of some sorts

- the moon toffee-coloured

Sonia fell asleep and I ate a sausage
september almost the 9th

romper room
september 8

Im crazy about collectors
and especially their small intern worlds. Check out the work of a lot of hardworking figurepainters and collectors from around the globe

september and weekend

I've noticed this man before
he has some very interesting clothinghabits. Ive seen him in deep snow dressed only in shorts and sandals. I've seen him in a long heavy jacket when people were sunbathing. He's apparently reversed common behaviour clotheswise. It seems the colder it is the more clothes he removes and vice versa. I've seen him in a thick wooly sweater in extreme sunshine. Ive seen him in a bathtrobe and bare feet on a windy fall morning. And his long hair and beard are always wet - as if he's just stepped out of the bath. His a character...

september 4

manic mode

september 3

you'll be sterilized with fear
the lost skeleton of cadavra

september 3

a new day
a new sound

september 2

nicely done

september 1st

wake the world
anti-war posters

august 30

gave us this candybar of a painting as a weddinggift

click it!

august 29

has some erotic pamflets flying about the place too

august 28

Amazing Japanese cartoons
- have no idea what it's all about
but the images are great

august 27

I confess
my knees went a bit soggy when
I came home and saw what jules
was doing at my comp.
I asked her to take a screenshot
and yes, I'm one of those firsttime
parents that drive their surroundings nuts.
This is why

august 26

Our canadian friend
sharilyn stayed with us
for a few weeks - solid
niceness that was. She sent
us a few lovely duudles
from her flight back to Canada -
see for yourself...thanx cherry

august 24

said something to me a minute ago:
'Always too little time, but that's the great thing about being here!'

august 20

sonia's discovered
that those thingys at the
end of her legs are her feet and one can grab them.

august 18

you really have to know me or Jules
to find this interesting...
or maybe just be curious.
But part of Jules' stagnight was a soccergame with her old team playing against my team, Den Brede Degn. I put a small subsection at my team's site -
showing picts from the great occasion [in Danish].

august 17

Found an old note
on which I wrote down a conversation I had with Jules in her sleep;

Julie; you cant lie like this
me; ...
Julie; I'll tell them that
me; who?
Julie; those that invented the circle
me: invented the circle?
Julie; yes
Me; why?
Julie; they're gonna take care of my stomach...

august 15

saw the potatochipsman
again yesterday - this time
carrying, whilst running,
TWO bags of chips AND
a bag of bread.
His enterprise is growing.
[see july 25th]

august 14

is a nice person -
thanx for the cover Rob...

august 12

drew us this..hehe,

august 11

from AL
thanx galore, my hugeeyed

july 30

well cooked
my mate, Lars wanted
fried eggs for his breakers

july 30

today's spam


...he had taken to Johannesburg and deposited the sum of Fifteen million united state dollars
(US$15,000,000) with a security and financial company...

...transfer my father's wealth. And South Africa's government seems to be playing along with them.
I am faced with the dilemma of investing this money in...

...when it gets to your personal account or company account in your country...

...I Will also advise you to discuss
with my lawyer on telephone number
0031645126733 to discuss and conclude this transaction.

Thank you and God bless.

july 29

a very odd man
is loose in our local cemetary which also works as a park. He has an enourmous wildgrowing beard, is quite young - maybe in his late twenties, wears long wellingtons over the most torn up jeans possible and he eats french potatoes like the world depended upon it The chipsbag clutched few inches from his mouth - both arms squeezing it tight in cheastheight. And he walks - no marches, almost runs up and down the paths eating - really throwing the chips into his mouth with much force. If you sit a bench for an hour or so he's bound to pass you - several times - shovelling chips in. He gets fresh supplies all the time - don't know from where. Maybe a secret bush?. But what makes him so interesting is his insanely happy smile. He literaly beams at you - while chips are flying - as if to say; see, I didit - again! Eyes staring wildly at you, feet exploding forwards, chips shooting out to the left and right. He is very odd and must, by now consist, solely of chips.

july 25

growl karaoke
from cigarfar.dk

july 24

Ahh - Chris from
posturepatrol sent me
a boiling banner
for the duudlians

july 22

the heat makes me drink the weirdest

july 21

the postcardproject
is a fine little idea - I support 'em - do you?

july 19

word up

july 18

to DK then -->
to DK then -->
to DK then -->

oh yes, everything was
far better then....